IANS Website

By: Victor Morse, Catherine Riggi | Additional Credits: Aaron Shi

2015 – 2017


Starting in August 2015 we began designing and building the current IANS corporate website. The project was completed within 6 months, in excess of 100+ pages, with original content, and significantly under budget. The website was built using a Bootstrap base with a custom theme that Catherine and I designed, and I coded. Aaron Shi set the basics up on the Sitefinity CMS, and continues to provide back-end development support. I also maintained and made several updates to the site at IANS.

A custom theme was designed and built to be extremely minimalistic and accentuate the valuable content IANS provides. IANS, being a Information Security consultantcy group, required the site to be built securely. Besides expanding my current web design and development skills, I also learned an extensive amount about information security and how to build more secure websites.

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